Minos "Baan Baan"

mini simmons by Elleciel

Woven bamboo is back with this other version of "Minos".
Traditional thai sarong inlay for a complete "Baan Baan" (home home) board. First try with cotton cloth and the result is super strong…concrete strong actually  with the sarong in between two layers of 200g (6oz) + fin patches…I didn't know!
And finally I've found the right technic with the woven bamboo, straight on the foam and 120g (4oz) on top, light sanding leaving the weave's humps and coating! This board is going to last.


I have to try it but it is for sale!

5'3" x 21"½ x 2"⅝

Jim Welch in Bali

Photos by Miss Lulu

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    1 (Wednesday, 28 December 2011 04:35)

    Cute little I TENG!!

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    J.Welch (Sunday, 29 January 2012 19:05)

    I took the "Baan BaaN" #46 to Bali on my last surf fling. I surfed Balian and while I could have used more board for paddling, the mini simmons proved to skate fluidly through and over most all sections of the wave. The slight kick that Dave incorporated in the tail rocker is a must for finding not only the burst of speed when needed, but also I found it an advantage when trying to redirect in tight turns. I would say the only draw back to the shape was chatter and skip when dealing high speed over bumpy wave surface. But this is not a reflection on Davies boards as much as is knowing what board to use in a given conditions. Suffice to say that I have surfed another simmons like board from Dave and the concept/design works well and has had me smiling and stoked on many days.
    Dave my next order is coming soon.


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