Wing Foil Boards

Wing foiling is just a few years old but it is here to stay in time because it has the potential to surf and fly in a completely different way as Kai Lenny says.

We made a few surf foil boards a couple of years back with Dazz and not knowing what other where doing I developed a different (as far as I know) tech to transfer the tremendous leverage forces from the base of the mast to under the feet. The result is strong and light. 

A few shots from early 2021

Elleciel foil boards are made with 15g/l EPS foam core, Laminated Divinycell reinforcements to transfer forces from the base of the mast straight under your feet. Covered by different types of fiberglass, carbon, basalt/innegra, the almost infinite cloth inlays options, paulownia wood and more, all put together using partially bio based epoxy resin and two hands.

(As all is consistently evolving, and the I spend more time in the workshop than in front of the computer things will very likely be slightly different by now...)


Wing foil hydrofoil
First home made foil, stab and fuselage early 2021

 Here is what has been made so far but that is by far not the limits.


How will yours be?

(Price around 33000 Thai baht)

#687 5'1" x 26"½ ±90l 5.9kg

#685 4'7" x 25"½ ±62l 4.93kg

#683 5'1" x 26"½ ±90l 6.04kg

#682 4'11" x 26"⅛ ±83l 6.07kg

#681 4'11"x 26" ±77l 5.8kg

#674 4'10" x 26" ~71 liters 5.480kg

#673 5'5" x 28" ±103liters 6.78kg

#672 4'9½ x 26" ±76liters 5.89kg

#663 Foilboard 5'5" 102L

#661 Foilboard 5'4" 81L

653 Bruce's 5'6" x 27½ ±98L

651 Alex's Flyer 5'x26" ±77l

#650 5'4" x 27" ±96 liters

#648 5'11" x 29" ±125 liters

#643 5'8" x 28" ±109liters

#640 Tim's Design 5'3" x 29" ±106liters


Foil version of the Egginos in 5'3" x 26" 81liters 5.230kg


5'2" x 26" 80Liters


Bar of Gold 5'7" x 29" 113 liters

Basalt wrapped plus basalt uni rail bands left this 113liters by 29" strong and light at 6.140kg (with pad). Alex is a tall guy who know that width means stability and shortness reduces swing weight. 


5'11" x 27"½ 113 liters for 6.8kg

Cloth inlay and a strip of Basalt at tail for the missing bit..

Da school Monsta
6'1" x 29" 141 liters 7.3kg
That's what you want for your first go with a wing and a foil, it provides the stability you need to tame the wing and all the other things you'll soon know enough to play with.

"Egginos" 5'1" 91 liters 5.3kg
Made for myself it's a blend of what we think is best at the moment, short and light with those nose, chines, rails and tail's features.
It works great but could have gone slightly lower on volume for my 65kg.


5'3" 80l wing foil board for Mathieu.

PPC inspired plus a blend of what worked best for us so far. 

So much going on on this little 5.05kg guy...

Built with entropyresin, paulownia wood etc and #armacell (#recycledpetbottles) hd foam.

5'9" 110 liters for 27" wide. Blending what we liked from other boards into that beginner/intermediate proto. It's built very strong as it's going to be a school board so it got lots of glass, bulletproof basalt/innegra rail bands, reinforcement everywhere, 2.5mm paulownia deck etc.. 7.0kg with pad.
Awefoil 5'5" ~84liters 
5.7kg (with pad)


Awfoil 5'5"

Some like the short and wide..

First attempt to build a wing foil board. That thing was so pretty with her basalt/flax skin before I had to dip it in milk to stay cool under Thailand's sun but so it is.

5'5" x 26½ x 4½ +-78liters 5.55kg 12" boxes, lots of basalt/flax, glass and 2.5mm paulownia skin. I'm pretty sure she will float and fly!

Ps. It does.

This little guy here is supposed to float and fly. 4'6" #foilboard at ~37.5 liters and 2.890kg (6.37lb) with probably too much reinforcement with high density foam and carbon connecting boxes to paulownia wood concave deck so it can be pumped and pumped by Hulk himself.
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    Tayfun Aybar (Tuesday, 06 April 2021 22:53)

    I am from Delray Beach, FL. Could you please advise the price and lead time.
    Thank you!


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Phuket Thailand - Directions etc


FoilBoard Wing Foil Board

#736 Channeled Mini Monsta 6'4" ~42L


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Transport a board for $!!!
Transport a board for $!!!