Minos the Grey

mini simmons surfboard minos

5'3" x 21"3/4 x 2"1/2



Here is #41 the second "Minos". Same template as #40

with a different tail and the "original" tail rocker. First of this kind, this board have a different building than previous Elleciel boards. Bottom and rails are glassed with 120+200+200g (4+6+6Oz). Deck get 2 x 120g (4Oz) glass under 0.5mm recomposed wood veneer skin and 200g (6Oz) on top.


This new technic opens immense choice of wood look on our boards! See all possibilities on the VENEER CATALOG.


The bottom contour is a long single concave, one foot from nose, to tail and the deck is single to double concave! Just a little "hump" for the back foot. Glassed on "persian wood" 4"1/2 keels.


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    klongsky (Sunday, 20 November 2011 00:10)

    would like to see the real one.. the color look different than the other isn't it?

  • #2

    elleciel (Sunday, 20 November 2011 04:08)

    Hi Klong :)
    All grey! No Balsa on this one.


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Phuket Thailand - Directions etc


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