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Here is "Minos", the first "Mini Simmons" by Elleciel but not the last!

A great little barn d... board that flies on small surf!

Ok, our eyes need a bit of addaptation for this "different" lines,

but waow its great to surf and that's what we are after!


  As this was a first try and a personal board, this "Minos" get a patchworked deck with balsa wood cuts from previous boards and very low density balsa planks on bottom. The glassed on twin fins setting is also a premier and as they're home made everything is possible in the future like quad, half moon keels, etc..

Flat to double concave deck! Such wide tail, whay not to have a "pad like" hump!?


About Mini Simmons


More Minos to come...



5'3" x 21"3/8 x 2"5/8 tail 15"3/4!


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Phuket Thailand - Directions etc

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Transport a board for $!!!
Transport a board for $!!!