No 13 "the Koi"

"The Koi"


5' 8" x 20"1/2 x 2"5/8

3.020 kg


This fish has been made for Francesca who wants to go back in the water after some years without enjoying waves on a surfboard. She will again in Majorca where she lives most of the year. Francesca wanted a bamboo board with special designs and colors to fit her house where I hope the board will not be only hanging on the wall! This project has been a pleasure for me not because of the long sanding sessions caused by the bamboo meshes, but because of the opportunity of working again with my friend Jose "Angelino" who paint a splendid japanese koi on the rail.


Muchas gracias Francesca y Jules. Eau plaisir! 




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    francesca dougall (Thursday, 25 November 2010 03:33)

    I love love love her !! you are a star! I promise it will see waves, she gives me inspiration to get back out there XX thank you for your patience and time the coy will be well loved and looked after :)


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