Angelino & "the Koi"


Angelino “Jose Menedez” is a close friend, a fish surfer, the designer of Elleciel's logo and the painter of the japanese koi on board No 13. Francesca, who order the board, wanted this fish on her fish. Angelino spend a whole day painting the koy with epoxy resin mixed with pigments. The result is beautiful and make this board a piece of art. We'll have to find an other painting technic that allow to work with different colors at the same time and avoiding "epoxy curing time limits". 





Like all Elleciel boards the real shine will appear

when the board will be where it belongs.

In the water!





This fish will fly to Majorca and Angelino is staying here, looking forward for the next painting job...


Check he's website

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☆  No 13 details ☆


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    1..1 (Wednesday, 24 November 2010 07:10)

    Nice little fish


ɛl ɛs si ɛl

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