Wood Veneer & Recomposed Wood Veneer

From now on Elleciel boards can get an immense variety of looks with Wood Veneers and Recomposed Wood Veneers. The building process is addapted to the new technic as explained below.




some samples

Once the board is shaped, the rails are glassed with two layers of 200g (6oz) fiber glass cloth and Epoxy resin (+ color pigments).
The veneer is glued on the core in a vacuum bag with laminating Epoxy resin and two layers of 120g (4oz) or one of 200g (6oz) fiber glass (plus patches on sensitive points) in between wood skin and EPS core. Once out of the bag, nose and tail can get balsa-teak, coconut wood, bamboo, etc. "blocks". Then the board is sanded before glassing both sides with 200g (6oz) fiber glass overlapping the rails. The leash loop is set while glassing the deck. A sanding coat covers the board, fin plugs and/or fin box and air vent are set before the final sanding. Elleciel Surfboards have a mat finish and get shiny-sexy when wet! The process takes about 8 days if the weather allowsit so.


Wood on deck only is also possible, bottom then get 120+200+200 g glass.

Glassed on fins possible too!

(shorter building process and cheaper!)

click on pic to see the board's page
click on pic to see the board's page

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    Maggie (Thursday, 24 July 2014 04:59)

    Hi sir;

    I am Maggie who work in the Moganshan engineered wood veneer manufacturer----zhejiang shenghua yunfeng Greeneo co.,ltd which is a top 500 enterprise of the manufacture industry in china.

    We offer engineered veneer like follow:
    Raw material: Ayous/Basswood
    Veneer: Oak,wenge,ash,Makore,Walnut,Ebony,Elm,Teak,Zebrano wood,Santos etc.
    Length: 2030/2200/2500/2800/3100mm
    Width: 320/360/640/720/820/840mm
    Regular size: 2500mm*640mm*0.5mm,2200*640*0.35mm with fleece back.
    Thickness: 0.15-2mm

    I appreciate your inquiry in advance.
    Wishing you fine everyday.

    zhejiang shenghua yunfeng Greeneo co.,ltd
    Phone:86 18757283656
    Fax:86 572 8279121


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Transport a board for $!!!