Displacement Hulls

Stand casually in the center and let her do her thing.

It's like riding a cloud...I think.


A displacement hull usually features:
- A convex bottom (full belly, Tri plan, etc..)

- Thin pinched and rolled rails especially at the back

- Fins are set very far up the board, usually a long thin center fin, can get side bites...

- Most of the volume centered


Check out the masters Liddle Surfboards, Fantastic Acid, Greek...


TriPlane Hull
TriPlane Hull

#664 Rounded Hull 6'11"

#524 Disphull 6'8"

#523 DispHull 6'

#517 Disphull Stubby 5'9"

#516 Disphull Stubby 5'9"

#515 Neung Disphull 6'5"

#513 Disphull 6'8"

Thomas wanted something new, something different. I smiled and unleashed my excitement over the displacement hulls.

We were after something that could handle the big and powerful waves where he lives, Scar Reef in Sumbawa. So that's what we made, strongly inspired by a master of the art Tristan Mausse @fantasticacid.

6'8" x 21"1/2 x 3" +-43 liters 3.2kg

#500 GALAXY 6'7"½

A displacement hull with an adjustable tail rocker. Spinning the stick allows me to tune the rocker about 6mm (1/4"). For who would wonder where to put the back foot, these displacement hulls are surfed with both feet close to each other in the center of the board not even close to the leashloop ;)

#491 Displacement Hull 6'3"

#471 Buliddo Flex Tail 5'9"

#462 Stubby 5'9"


ɛl ɛs si ɛl

Live Simple, Consume Less




Phuket Thailand - Directions etc
Phuket Thailand - Directions etc


FoilBoard Wing Foil Board

#736 Channeled Mini Monsta 6'4" ~42L


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Transport a board for $!!!
Transport a board for $!!!