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Jimmy came to the workshop one day willing to give me back board #1 that he bought second hand from Joey in Bali. I said "Great let’s trade it for a new one!". Then we started looking for what would be the board he wanted, he choose the Huevito, a bit extended as he will surf Indo waves and with fuller rails up to the nose. The light concave deck is made of ash wood with lacewood dots and many layers of fiberglass, bottom is a single to double concave on lacewood with an ash wood dot and Futures fins plugs. The result is not super light but I wanted Jimmy to surf that board for a long time everywhere he will travel to. I don’t remember how many times I’ve seen Jimmy dream-surfing that board in the workshop but I can’t wait to know how it works in the ocean. Thanks a lot to Jimmy for this great trade.

5’9” x 20” x 2”½



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Jimmy Hansen surfboard
Jimmy and his board... talking about it one more time. I can't really imagine how it would be if he wasn't happy with his board but I would have a hard time!!
Email from Jimmy:

"Back again, Just so much positive energy, mate, Im so happy with my board, feel like Im surfing better than last year, lots of barrels on that board, backside it does cutback so well, does it all, what more can I say. Im actually wanting two boards, another huevito, maybe a quarter of an inch wider, and 3 to 5 inches shorter, so one at a time..." "Your fish stands in the corner of my room, shes in great shape! Mamay people ask what Im riding, but no one has pursued it further, It will all happen, you have a bright future no matter what! So many waves here, feels like you should be based in Bali, someday. Ok mate, just to say thanks again, and every time I surf Im gratefull for such a good board. Take it easy, Hi to the friends, heading to Sumbawa tomorrow night, Ill let you know how it goes. we have a swell coming on the 11th. ok Dave, check ya latter! Jimmy"
Elleciel is there...
Elleciel is there...

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Phuket Thailand - Directions etc


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