No 9


6'2" x 19"1/4 x 2"1/2

2.980 kg

A 6'4" single fin shaped in the 70's in Australia by Jim Parkinson is the start point for No 9. Chris wanted to save the original and find the same feeling, especially the float on a new version of it. The original weighting 4.9 kg, we decide to make it thinner and 2" shorter. He liked the concave deck idea and that's what came out.

It has been great to observe and work from such a board. Thanks Chris.


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    Chris (Thursday, 28 October 2010 03:01)

    Fantastic job by Dave - the board flies.Super light,strong and stylish.Cant fault it and am having heaps of fun on it.Dave makes a quality board - a little different to the mainstream but very functional and strong.

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    Chris (Monday, 28 January 2013 01:27)

    Riding this board in NZ now. Great in our clean fast waves - very happy with it. 3 years old and still in great condition - awesome job Dave.


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