Sam Egan Single Fin Replica

Sam Egan #6844 6' is what's written on the original board. A single fin from the 70's in pretty good condition has been the model for this project. Chris wanted to get rid of the flyers and thought that he didn't need the 2"¾ thick. Otherwise I've tried to be as close as possible to the model and it was a really interesting challenge. So much volume and super fat rails in the front of

the board to very thin and soft rails at the tail.
The bottom contour is a soft V entry to a flat about 18" from nose to pronounced V, no concave. Chris loving the concave deck that's what we did. Ash wood on deck and bamboo on bottom with Chris's designs.

The result is 1 kg lighter than the original.

Now I dream that someone will look at it in 40 years!!

Many thanks to Annie, the owner of the original.

6'1" x 20" x 2"½

As a supporter of the Sea Shepherd, Chris runs their flag up.

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    chris (Sunday, 14 October 2012 22:50)

    Another masterpiece from the craftsman. Beautiful work Dave. So good to have such a talented and helpful board maker on the island. Thanks Dave.

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    chris (Thursday, 01 November 2012 23:55)

    Finally got some swell to get the board wet. Heaps of fun. looking forward to many more sessions on this board. Dave did a great job in recreating the 70s single fin in a modern board. Stoked

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