#65 - Finless "Minos"

finless surfboard elleciel

What to say?! Just a strange thing in between an Alaia a finless board and a mini simmon, a complete experiment. Lance Slabbert ask for such a thing to take underwater photography.
Glassed bottom and woven bamboo deck.


5'1" x 19" x 2"¾


Interesting article about finless boards




Gopal Butler at Uluwatu on one of his first finless ride!

Kevin White @ Uluwatu

Strange similarities!?!

One day in may 2012 I came out with theFinless Minos after Lance Slabbert ask me to make an Alaia or a finless board. Now I swear I've never seen this before!!!


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"Has anyone heard of this type of rare surfboard? Do you know anything about it or have any stories?! It is an "AUGA BOARD" made at Bing Surfboards in Hermosa Beach California USA during the late 60's. Tom Warren and Steve Barger (The Auga Men) rode these boards in the South Bay (Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach) doing 360's all over the waves. They then moved to Maui in the early 70's and tore the place apart on the Auga Board. They were in some movies doing many, many 360's at Lahaina Harbor by Steve Bingham Productions and Macgillivray/Freeman Films?! They were in Surfer Magazine. Gerry Lopez was impressed with their Auga Board.The board is 4'10" long, 22" wide, 18" nose (12" up), 21" tail, 4" maximum thickness, rocker- nose 3", tail 1/2", Concave in tail- 13" long by 14" width by 1 1/2" depth!, red color in the resin, a black pin line covering the entire bottom that says "Auga Board", Bing Surfboards late 60's logo on top. I showed the board to Bing Copland at his book signing in 2010 and he did not think there were any Auga boards with Bing logos that survived! Please contact me with stories or other information thanks. Vince Ray, surferjay@losangeles.usa.com 310-370-1918"


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Phuket Thailand - Directions etc


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