Ulua "Dragon"

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A new version of the Ulua (#30) developed with/for Dazz (and Lindz).

This 5'7" fish have pinched rails, subtile hips just up front fins. A deep single concave runs from nose to tail  and split to double for the last 15" in Dazz's fins setting with the three back fins set at 90°.
Bottom has been glassed with a thai sarong inlay in between of two layers of 120g (4Oz) glass when deck is super strong with, from foam to wax, 120g(4Oz) + 2mm balsa + 200g(6Oz) + 120g + sanding coat!  The result is a bit heavy but solid and will help on bigger waves.
This project was absolutely interesting with Dazz and Lindz as pilots. I think we all learned a lot.

5'7" x 15"⅞ x 19"½ x 16"⅛ x 2"⅜

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DaZZ @ Impossibles, Bali
DaZZ @ Impossibles, Bali

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    DaZZ (Saturday, 04 February 2012 10:07)

    Can't say THANKS enough for the board Dave ... Yeah it was a n awsome experience watching you make this Rocket and after seeing the pics I had to get it out of the bubble wrap and touch it again ... ha ha ! Won't be long and it will get wet and I'll tell you how Fast it goes .... Tell Lindsay thanks for the input and see you guys soon !


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