A fishy Ice Cream Bar!

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A bit of fish came in this new Ice Cream Bar to give it some taste and a bit of traditional thai cloth for the look and additionnal strength.

It's a classic mini simmons  hull design with round belly to single concave between the fins. The deck get a light concave to double concave for the back foot!
High density EPS foam blank covered on bottom and rails by 120g (4oz) + Sarong (cotton cloth) + 120g glass, deck is skinned with 200g (6oz) +

¾ 120g (4oz) + 0.5mm recomposed wood veneer (T866) + 200g (6oz).

Strong result!

A sample board for Shannon in Sidney area who will be the man to contact for Aussies orders (more to come about that soon).

5'8" x 22"¼ x 2"⅞

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    Shannon (Friday, 20 January 2012 05:59)

    Hi David,
    Looks great, love the blue. People very interested over here. Can't wait to get people onto them when conditions are suitable.


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