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A Second Minos "Baan Baan" (Home Home in thai) with sarong inlay and woven bamboo deck. This one is a lighter version of the first one (#46). A classic Mini SImmons hull (round belly to single concave), FCS fin plugs. Fins are a test made with "persian" wood and polyester resin for glassing and epoxy coating.
This board is made for Josh who will finally go back to the sea!


Precision about the building for Mr Josh:
- High density EPS foam base
- Sarong (thai cotton cloth) and 200g (6oz) for bottom and rails (plus fin patches)
- ≃1mm woven bamboo directly on foam and one layer of 120g (4oz) over it overlapping rails.
- Sand coat
- FCS plugs (plus bamboo legs) and air vent
et voilà!

5'6" x  21½ x 2⅝

Custom made bag more HERE

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Phuket Thailand - Directions etc
Phuket Thailand - Directions etc

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Transport a board for $!!!
Transport a board for $!!!