7' Drop


7' x 22" x 3"

3.910 kg


Another Drop, another person who liked this harmonious shape. Tom wanted a seven footer with plenty float and maneuverability. We decide to have pretty much rocker at the tail with a V double concave to help to turn and a longboard like front single concave. Rails are kept thin and the deck has a subtle concave.
 The board is made with 200g glass under and over the 2mm balsa skin on both sides, and 4 layers of 200g glass on the rails.

Thank you Tom   

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    Tom Racette (Sunday, 01 July 2012 23:45)

    Always get very positive feedback about this board David. It is surprising versatile in a variety of conditions. Thanks again for your great work! Cheers Tom


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Transport a board for $!!!
Transport a board for $!!!