Huevon "Bug"

# 21

5'5" x 20"5/16 x 2"3/8



Un Huevon para un huevon.

Bugs for bug.


This board was a first try with some new veneer (0.5mm hard wood instead of 2-2.5mm balsa) but a disfunction, or lets call it a "bug", in my brain while I was mixing 2 part epoxy resin gave the board a "special flex"... Then bugs came to hide some spots on the veneer stripes.


Big thanks to Joe MacGown's insects drawings.

To be seen HERE


Joe's answer:

Hey, yeah, thats pretty cool! Surfing scarabs, not something that would have crossed my mind. I am glad you enjoyed my artwork. Thanks for the message and photos.



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    elleciel (Monday, 04 April 2011 09:56)

    I didn't tried it on serious surf so far but I like it a lot. I am very happy that I extend the Huevito's dimensions a little bit in width and thickness so it floats very well for a 5'5" board and allows me to catch many waves. The narrow tail is very good for rail to rail. It works better as a thruster on smaller waves for me and for now but will try it on different wave conditions.
    The concave deck is something I like a lot, very easy feet placement and great to paddle.
    The epoxy mistake makes the board too flexible and pressure ding sensitive, but I'll give these type of veneer another try soon.
    Looking forward to try it on a bigger day!


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