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Here is Jens’s fish.
Single to V double concave and full rails, ash wood on both sides, orange pinlines and David Scheirer’s beautiful paintings to be seen on “Studiotuesday”.


Many thanks to Jens for this very nice project.

Wooden fins are under construction...


5’8” x 20”¾ x 2”⅝


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    elleciel (Thursday, 06 June 2013 07:35)

    Message to Jens
    "Head high and a bit more for the bigest sets, 4 of us out there and...
    Really Jens, I am not trying to sell you the board as it is done already but I had a loooooot of fun!!! First we had to duck dive a lot to get there and she did it absolutely well, great paddle as well, lovely float at the tail to "cork" to catch waves, nose rocker and thickness of the nose worked really well on 3 pretty late drops without pearling and then the board turned very nicely, smooth like a fish should turn, without struggle and the fins worked perfectly as well, I couldn't feel any drag and turns turned out to be just soft with good hold. In other words the board was just a great pleasure to ride today :)
    Thanks a lot to Jens Who asked me to test it first!!


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