Jim's Lacewood Minos "S"

mini simmons lace wood elleciel surfboards

When Jim saw #60 on the glassing bay's rack he saw something like he wanted so he just asked me "So Dave, what wood do you have in stock?".

I had lacewood, he loved it!
As Jim is always pushing my boards to their limits (or almost beyond), I took the glassing very seriously. Deck gets 130g (4oz) + carbon rowing grid + carbon patches on fins + 200g (6oz) + 0.5mm lacewood veneer + 200g (6oz) + sanding coat. A bit of extra weight but should be strong enough!
Planing hull with sharp concave edges and flat/dome deck.



5'4" x 21"½ x 2"⅝

This board is for SALE!!!

Please contact me if interested.

Jim Welch Minos SQ Elleciel mini simmons
Jim Welch

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