Tsunami Donations

Regarding funds raised from people around the world for

the Japanese tsunami.

Of the hundreds of millions of dollars contributed from around the world to the victims of that disaster (The tsunami / earthquake of March 2011), an allocation of some $30 million dollars was given to the whalers to fight Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. That is certainly not what the people who sent donations ever imagined that their contributions would be spent on. Rebuilding houses, food, medicine, repairing the infrastructure yes, but to subsidize the operations of the whalers to continue killing whales in a sanctuary – who could have foreseen such a betrayal of trust? - Paul Watson




Interpol chasing Sea Shepherd leader

Interpol has issued a second Red Notice against fugitive Sea Shepherd leader Paul Watson, this time in relation to allegations made by Japan over an incident in Antarctic waters in 2010.

Mr Watson is being sought by Japan on charges of breaking into a vessel, damage to property, forcible obstruction of business, and injury in relation to two incidents that took place on the Antarctic Ocean in

February 2010 against a Japanese whaling ship.

A Red Notice is an international alert circulated to all 190 members of Interpol requesting the apprehension or arrest of the person sought.

Mr Watson's first Red Notice was issued in August at the request of Costa Rica after the conservationist was arrested in Frankfurt on May 13 on a 10-year-old warrant from the Central American country over an incident

involving a shark fining vessel.

He forfeited skipped bail and left Germany in late July after being held there under house arrest for 70 days.

He is currently in hiding and is understood to be at sea.

Mr Watson announced last week that he intended to lead this

season's Antarctic anti-whaling campaign.

Sea Shepherd spokeswoman Susan Hartland said the

second arrest notice "came as no surprise".

"This is simply indicative of the lengths to which Japan will go to plunder our oceans. We have been expecting this for weeks and our legal counsel is already challenging (the charges)," she said

Sea Shepherd has taken Japan on over its so called scientific whaling in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary for eight seasons and is currently preparing to head to Antarctica for a ninth year with a bigger and stronger fleet,

which includes a new vessel.

"The Japanese whalers are sorely mistaken if they think another 'red notice' is going to stand in the way of Sea Shepherd's defence of

the whales this season," Ms Hartland said.

Ms Hartland said the latest warrant from Japan related to an incident in 2010 when a Sea Shepherd member boarded a Japanese whaling vessel to confront the captain over a collision that split the

anti-whaling ship Ady Gil in two.

The collision injured a cameraman and destroyed the $1.5million vessel.


Article and more on TheWest.com.au


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