Free the Steve!

The Sea Shepherd need your help to free the Steve! You may have heard about the dire situation with our flagship vessel, the Steve Irwin. This issue is so urgent that I have recorded a special call to action to share with you.

Never has the need for your help and support been greater! Our ocean-defending vessel the Steve Irwin has been detained by the UK courts because of a civil lawsuit brought against Sea Shepherd by a Maltese company Fish and Fish Limited. This is due to our actions that saved 800+ illegally caught bluefin tuna during Operation Blue Rage 2010. 

Now, unless we post a bond for USD$1,411,692.87, the Steve Irwin will be held indefinitely and possibly sold. This detainment is delaying our ship and crew from being able to get to the Faeroe Islands to protect endangered pilot whales who are mercilessly being slaughtered as I write to you. Further, this will inhibit our effectiveness to defend whales from the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary this December. Sentient lives are at stake!





We have received quite a few donations in support of this effort, and while we are extremely grateful, the reality is that we barely have attained 10% of our goal. By next week, unless we post a bond for USD$1,411,692.87, the Steve Irwin will be held or possibly sold. I urge you to watch the video and please give the largest gift you can today. Your donation is incredibly important and will make a difference.




For Our Oceans and for the Steve Irwin,



Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President




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