1st Anniversary!

On may 11th 2010 No 1,

the first Elleciel surfboard touched the water for the first time.


This little fish is now with Joey in Bali, surfing Uluwatu! Joey add two extra fins and turned the twin into a quad to hold bigger surf. That is the story of the first one and I am pretty proud of it but there are 26 other boards that has been made since.

Most are still in Phuket but some also are now in Australia, Indonesia,

Spain and Switzerland...


I want to thanks all my first customers for their confidence in me, allowing me to live my dream. Workshop, techniques, shapes, skills and results improved since the beginning, pleasure, enthusiasm and passion are still on top level. One other difference since the first steps is that Elleciel Surfboard is now a Co. LTD.

and I am a legal worker with all the papers and blabla.


I hope to continue to make surfboards, making people and myself happy.


See you in the water or in Elleciel workshop!




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Phuket Thailand - Directions etc
Phuket Thailand - Directions etc


FoilBoard Wing Foil Board

#637 FoilBoard

Bar of Gold 5'7" x 29" 113 liters


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Click to see them all
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Transport a board for $!!!
Transport a board for $!!!