Response to Egypt and the Wikileaks Fallout: Global Politics on Trial


-Official Response to Egypt and the Wikileaks Fallout-
Global Politics on Trial:

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February 4th 2011, (

Poised at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, we
continue to find the geopolitical landscape in upheaval. Wars, economic
crises and ever encroaching consolidated national and corporate power
structures are reshaping the world as we know it. In reaction to the
newest set of documents now made public, a contentious debate rages within
capitals and cafes worldwide, most prominently in the Middle East as of
January 30th 2011, the time this statement was written. WikiLeaks’
controversial release of previously classified documents reveal one
undeniable fact: the current methods of global business and public policy
are on trial.

This wave of awareness in response to our current geopolitical and economic
system is becoming apparent for the greater public as we are witnessing the
increasingly vocal response by citizens of Tunisia, Egypt and the Greater
Middle East. With the release of diplomatic cables related to growing
despotism and economic inequality a new wave of individuals are standing up
to demand their right to exist within a free and open society. Not as
Muslims or Christians, Atheists or Jews, but as independent human beings
requesting in greater numbers, their human rights to a free and independent
life. The numbers of citizens standing up for their inalienable rights are
rapidly increasing as the world is taking notice. We have seen the dire
predicament the citizens of Iran suffered through in 2009 as an example,
and this is happening now at a higher frequency as the global economic and
political paradigm becomes more inadequate day by day.

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