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Sumba's kodi

For 350 years, the Dutch colonized the vast archipelago of Indonesia but never even  managed to  set up an administrative post on the island of  Sumba.  The Sumbanese, led by General Wonokaka, have the distinction of having led the only successful resistance to Dutch colonialism.  What is not well known is that General Soekarno later led Indonesia to independence inspired tactically by Wonokaka’s insurgency.
Its easy to understand why the Sumbanese were able to defeat the Dutch, as Sumba was and still is an island of fierce warriors.  To this day every man and boy can still use a spear and sword with deadly spirited precision, and many are expert horsemen... ➸  FUMES


Indo vespa communty

The Indonesian Vespa Scooterist Community is a gang of rasta commandos who ride for inter-island brotherhood.  From Papua to Sumatra... ➸  FUMES



10'000 Photos... ➸  FUMES



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Phuket Thailand - Directions etc
Phuket Thailand - Directions etc


FoilBoard Wing Foil Board

#637 FoilBoard

Bar of Gold 5'7" x 29" 113 liters


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Transport a board for $!!!
Transport a board for $!!!